Small talk can save lives

Figures released by Network Rail show a 20% increase in the number of times the public has acted to prevent suicide in the rail environment.

The Small Talk Saves Lives campaign aims to emphasise how each of us already has all the experience we need to help save a life. If we notice someone who may be at risk, the same small talk we use every day is enough to interrupt someone’s suicidal thoughts and encourage them to get help. So, trust your instincts and start a conversation; you can’t make things worse. Watch the Small Talk Saves Lives video

Here are some Million Hour Challenge volunteers talking about how they played their part to support the campaign:

Rebecca Rogers – Project Management Assistant at Network Rail: “During the launch of Small Talk Saves Lives, I volunteered at Kings Cross to help promote the event. I was able to see first-hand how the campaign made an impact, had the opportunity to talk with the public about how a simple question could have a huge impact and to hear the difference these events have made. It was a busy day and valuable experience that I look forward to doing again.”

Ian Stevens MBE – Programme Manager – Suicide Prevention at Network Rail

“Leading the industry’s suicide prevention programme I didn’t think twice about turning up at Kings Cross at 08:00 to pose for a few photos with Gaby Roslin (TV and Radio presenter) Andrew Haines (CEO Network Rail) and Ruth Sutherland (CEO Samaritans) to promote the Small Talk Saves Lives campaign. However, I let the moment get the better of me and started to hand out promotional material, not something I’d usually do.

It was an exhilarating experience, sharing the campaign with our passengers in the hope that someone along the way might benefit from all the hard work we put into supporting those most vulnerable in our society.” Find out more about Small Talk Saves Lives