Holding events for Samaritans

Raising money for the Samaritans is a fun and rewarding way to help.

Need inspiration to hold your own event?

Are you an adrenalin junkie or willing to test yourself?

Abseil down a large building or bridge, complete a zip-line, obstacle course, parachute jump or climb a mountain? 

Auction / auction of promises

Do you have something special you’re willing donate for a good cause? Can you get your hands on some sports memorabilia? It’s a great way to raise money.

Arts & Crafts sale

Are you a dab hand at sewing, knitting, jewellery making or painting. Would you donate your arts & crafts for sale for Samaritans?

Cake & bake sale

You may be a master chef and extreme cake maker or more like Mary Berry baking and selling cakes and savoury treats is a great way to raise money and make friends.

Coffee/ Brew mornings

Bring friends or colleagues together for a hot drink and a chat. It’s so important to talk and listen to each other. As you’ve already watched the videos for the Wellbeing Toolkit and the Active listening skills you will already know how.

Snooker, Pool or darts match

Bring people together and test your dexterity and aim. 


Did you ever watch Man Vs Food? Or fancy getting into the Guinness book of records with a food eating challenges – How many crackers can you eat without water?

Film night

Can you get your local cinema involved or take over a large meeting room and bring colleagues together for a marathon film session, Star Wars anyone?

Dress down or fancy-dress days

It’s a great way to raise money any time of year. Invite colleagues to come to work in fancy-dress and ask them to pay a small donation for the day?


Lots fun, teams can enter practice their driving skills and tactics and an entry fee to raise money.

Games Night

Bring back the old days of board games or borrow something from the children perhaps Connect Four, Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit or maybe one of these https://www.telegraph.co.uk/comedy/what-to-see/family-party-games-christmas.

Girls/ Guys Night In

Bring a dish to share, clothes swap, party games, make-over night or perhaps a kitchen disco.

Make a change

Why wait for a New Years’ resolution. Everyone has something they want to start doing, change or give up – what is yours?

Hair dye and head shave

Promote your fundraising by changing your hair colour for a week or so before shaving your hair off to maximise donations.

Karaoke night

Find a local venue and persuade them to help you raise money whilst having lots of fun.

Physical events

Even if you’re not a runner you may be able to hold an event that raises lots of  money and you don’t have to do it alone; with relay races on a gym bike, swimming or walking, DJ sets, roller skating, ice skating , staying awake  choose your challenge 26.2 miles or hours.

Name the …

cuddly toy is it a dog, cat, teddy, or bunny get the right name and becomes a prize. Try to get one donated and charge per entry.

Egg & spoon, pancake or three-legged race

Get people together, have fun and raise a little money.

Quiz night

An old favourite and lots of fun.


A raffle is great to have at a fundraising event. Just charge a fee for tickets and the winner gets a prize.

Sports tournaments

Bring together colleagues, raise some money and maybe even get fit at the same time: basketball, cricket, football, golf, hockey, netball, rugby tournament the options are endless. If you would rather test your mental acuity and response times the Xbox and PlayStation has a few options too.

Swear box

For those of you that have a wide vocabulary £1 in the box will soon add up for your local Samaritans branch.


Who will win the football/ rugby, how many sweets in the jar?’ and people pay to be given an answer. Whoever has the winning answer gets a prize, while you donate the money raised.

Sponsored silence

Treat your friends, family or colleagues to a day of peace and quiet and if you don’t manage it you’ll need to add a special contribution to the fundraising pot.

Run a tuck shop

Buy in bulk and sell snacks to colleagues with the profit going to your local Samaritans.

Hot wax

For those who think a leg wax is nothing, perhaps a chest or back wax to raise money for your local Samaritans Branch.

Community awareness

This could be presenting at a college or to a community group or supporting your local railway station following an incident.