This privacy notice relates to Million Hour Challenge membership and sets out the purposes for which your personal information may be collected and/or processed by the Million Hour Challenge.

Personal data is information which relates to or identifies you either on its own or when it is combined with other information we hold about you.

We take your right to privacy seriously and we want you to feel comfortable with the information you give us. This privacy notice explains everything you need to know about what consent you are giving and your rights and choices in relation to your personal information.

Who is the data controller for Million Hour Challenge?

Network Rail Infrastructure Limited is the data Controller, for the purposes of Data Protection Law, for the Personal Data that we collect from you or obtain from you in relation to Million Hour Challenge membership, which we process in accordance with this Privacy Notice and the Network Rail Privacy Notices.

Network Rail Privacy Notices

For more information and this Privacy Notice should be read together with: Network Rail Privacy Notice

What Personal Information do we hold about members?

Where you have given permission, by becoming a Million Hour Challenge member, we will hold the following:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your work email address
  • The company you work for
  • Volunteer hours and fundraising totals logged

This information may be provided or approval for this information given:

  • Via email to a Million Hour Challenge Leadership Team member
  • Via email to the generic Million Hour Challenge email address
  • Verbally to a Million Hour Challenge Leadership Team member in person or over the telephone

How will we record / store / process / protect the information about you?

  • Membership details are kept in an Excel spreadsheet on a protected laptop. Access to this spreadsheet is restricted to key members of the Million Hour Challenge leadership team only. 
  • Names and email address are added to the Million Hour Challenge members contacts list for the newsletter if agreed to. This is only accessible by selected Million Hour Challenge Leadership Team members.

How to amend your newsletter setting:

Why do we collect this information and how will we use the information about you?

We collect this information so that we can use it to:

  • Compile and report on volunteer hours and fundraising totals.
  • To inform a distribution list for the Million Hour Challenge newsletter.

Who we may disclose your personal information to?

Unless explicit, separate consent is obtained beforehand, Million Hour Challenge will not disclose your personal information to anyone.

How to close your account:

We would like to keep your account live to ensure we include your hours but we can amend or delete your account if required.
Please email

Your rights in relation to your personal information

Under GDPR you have a number of rights in relation to your personal information. Details of your rights can be found on the Network Rail Data Protection Webpage

For further information or to make a complaint:

Questions, comments and requests regarding data protection matters are welcomed and should be addressed to the Data Protection Office:

By email:

In writing:
Data Protection Officer
Network Rail
The Quadrant,
Elder Gate
Milton Keynes

Disclosure of other personal information to Million Hour Challenge

  • Email – the Million Hour Challenge generic email is accessible by a restricted list of Million Hour Challenge Leadership team members. The email is monitored on a voluntary roster basis with leadership team members taking turns to monitor the inbox and respond to emails. Any personal information submitted to the Million Hour Challenge inbox will not be shared without prior consent. However, your email will be responded to as appropriate.